(4+) Best Methods To Install Xcode on Windows PC for iOS SDK


Xcode is a Graphical user interface (GUI) for developing software for macOS, iOS and other Apple devices. But unfortunately, it’s not available for windows. However, we got some effective methods to install Xcode on your PC. Nowadays, for app developers, it is vital to develop the app for both the operating system for the maximum output. As there are both users of IOS and Android, it is essential for the user benefits to develop the app in all operating system. Xcode is an integrated development environment, which means it provides all the tools necessary for the developer to develop an app.

Xcode provides text editor, compiler, debugger to create and compile the application easily. Below, These best ways to install Xcode in windows will help you to get access to Xcode. Xcode is open source; you can make changes with the help of source code. Xcode supports various types of programming languages such as python, c, c++, which help users to select the favourable language. The best part of Xcode is it can build large binary files which contain multiple architectures code. So let’s check out the methods we have got for you and start developing IOS or MacOS applications in windows.

Xcode on Windows
Xcode on Windows

List of 4 Ways To Install Xcode In Windows

1) Virtual box

The best way to install Xcode in windows is with the help of Virtual Box. The virtual box is the software which helps you to create an OS virtual machine on your PC. You have to perform some easy steps in order to use Xcode.

Steps to install Virtual Box 

  • Download Virtual Box from Here.
  • After downloading, proceed with the installation and open the virtual box.
  • On opening, you will get the option to create a new virtual machine. You have to proceed with that option. 
  • After going through it, you have to fill the info like Machine name, type, select MacOS in machine type.
  • On selecting you to have to configure hardware needs according to you. That’s it; your machine is successfully created.
  • Now, start the machine, and the virtual machine OS will boot and take you to a new OS, which is macOS. 

Proceed with the popups, and you will reach to the official apple store, search Xcode there and install it.  

2)  VMware

VMware helps you to run multiple machines with different OS in a single PC. It is quite similar to the virtual box, which will allow you to create a new virtual machine. Same as a virtual box, you have to follow similar steps to set up the macOS machine in your device. The difference is you have to download VMware instead of the virtual box. After download, you will get all the options to create the new device as same in virtual box.

Download VMWare Station

You can also take help from the help section of VMware which you will get after opening VMware. The help section will explain to you adequately on how to create a new machine. After installing and running the macOS machine in VMware, you will get the interface of apple. Once you get the interface, you have to search Xcode in the apple store and you are done.

3) RDP

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. It will let you allow to get the Mac PC online. It is the easiest way to use Xcode on windows. Here you will have to buy RDP with Mac OS, and you are good to go. However, if you don’t have any knowledge about RDP, we will not suggest you use this method. The best website to purchase RDP is Amazon Aws or Microsoft Azure.

After buying you will get the details to connect with the other PC having Mac as OS online. You can connect by searching remote desktop connection in your PC and filling the details which you will get after purchasing RDP. After connecting, you will get to another PC, and you can download and use Xcode there.

4) Build A Hackintosh

This method needs some technical knowledge, so if you don’t have the technical expertise, kindly do not proceed with this method. Hackintosh is a type of non-Mac device which runs on macOS but not authorized by the apple. In order to make Hackintosh, your device must have suitable configuration hardware. However, it consists of hard steps as you have to change the bios setting of your system. It needs proper guidance in order to build it correctly.

Hence we ended up here; you have to perform proper steps to run Xcode on windows. We hope these methods will be helpful for you and happy to assist you. 


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