August 7, 2022
Transit App Moovit Rolls Out More Personalized Trip-planning Features

Transit App Moovit Rolls Out More Personalized Trip-planning Features

Moovit, a public transportation app, aims to be more helpful to its customers when it comes to getting them where they need to go. Currently, the app is rolling out more customized travel planning tools in 3,500 cities across 112 countries, building on its existing route suggestions.

Smart Cards are a relatively recent feature. Travel suggestions will be displayed on the home screen based on characteristics, including your location, the time of day and week, and what you’ve already done.

When you’re out and about and Moovit detects that you’ve designated your house as a preferred location, it will propose the most efficient ways to return home. Even though you can store your work location, the app will provide you transportation options to get there during the weekday morning commute if you have it saved.

Transit alternatives for places you’ve recently searched will appear in a “recent travels” card, which displays possibilities on the same day and at around the same time. Additional transit options and departure information will be provided, as well as a nearby stop that you’ve designated a “favorite.”

Additionally, you’ll be able to go back to the previous itinerary. These cards appear just below the search box, and you can swipe between them.

Smart Trips is the third of the three new features. When you first launch the app, you’ll be able to customize the Suggested Routes screen to show only the public transportation options you prefer. This should be helpful for individuals who don’t want to ride the subway.

On a trip-by-trip basis, Google Maps allows you to select several modes of transportation. Users of Moovit should benefit from the ability to save their favorite means of transportation.

Smart Returns is the final new feature. You can swiftly return to the last location from which you set out on your journey. As soon as you’re ready to leave, you’ll be able to specify a departure time on the Itinerary screen and receive a message with suggested routes.

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