August 7, 2022
Meta is Shutting Down Tuned, its Couples Messaging App

Meta is Shutting Down Tuned, its Couples Messaging App

Please don’t use Meta’s experimental Tuned app to keep the flames of your love alive. Attempts to join up for the couple-oriented app now show errors, according to Gizmodo’s article on Meta’s upcoming shutdown of Tuned on September 19.

The company was forthcoming about its rationale for the decision. A spokeswoman for Meta’s New Product Experimentation team told Engadget that if apps “aren’t sticking,” they are shut down.

A “secret zone” for partners to express sentiments, love notes, challenges, and music streams was created by Meta’s (formerly Facebook’s) NPE Team in April 2020. In principle, this served to strengthen relationships between couples who could not meet face-to-face. The timing was perfect, even if it was inadvertent, given the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the exact number of users who utilized the app is unknown. “Many couples” have used Tuned to get closer, but the app is still a niche product compared to Facebook and Instagram, even after Meta made it available for Android.

Even though you may hear about it for the first time, there’s a decent chance. Many of the same tasks might be accomplished via text, video chat, or other available means.

You may have foreseen it. Meta has a history of killing off high-profile apps that fail to gain traction and has done so regularly. These closures allow the corporation to save money and concentrate on more popular platforms.

It’s becoming increasingly rare for a tech company to move its focus from social networking to the metaverse, but Tuned was an outlier.

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